Happiness = Results

Why Happiness at Work?

More and more organizations and managers realize that promoting and managing Employee Happiness is a smart strategic choice. In recent years, the themes Happiness at Work and employee engagement are on the rise.

And not surprisingly, because results of numerous research based on Positive Psychology show that:

Happy employees:

Experienced less stress and are less ill (-27%).

Are more creative, curious and motivated.

Are more productive (+ 31%) and

successful in sales (+37%).

Work better together and get more appreciation from colleagues and managers. 

Companies with happy employees:

Are extra attractive as an employer.

Have a lower turnover (-69%) and lower absenteeism.

Increase their sales (+ 37%), productivity (+ 31%) and

customer satisfaction (+ 12%).

Use Happiness at Work as a source of inspiration and important success factor.

It's a perfect combination:

The employee experiences more Happiness at Work and engagement

and the organization achieves better results!

However, the results in practice are not promising: research by the Erasmus University shows that only 12% of Dutch people are engaged in their work. Annual research by Steda shows that in the Netherlands we score a 7.1 on Happiness at Work. The employees give lower scores than managers.

Happiness Works!

Happiness at Work can be positively influenced by giving it structural attention, raising awareness and making supportive choices for your personnel. This involves encouraging positive emotions along with fun & friendship at work. In addition, promoting the satisfaction of growing as a person and using their talents within the organization.


The goal shouldn’t be that everyone is always happy and satisfied. People need to know they have an influence on their own work-happiness experience. The essence is: recognize if this is under pressure and act accordingly, with your own value-based ‘compass’ in mind.

Leading with Happiness

With Happimotion I primarily focus on the role and influence of the managers. Gallup research shows that employee happiness is influenced to a large extent by the supervisor: So if you as a manager are happy at work and you give this topic attention in your team, then for sure it has a positive effect on your team and the organization.

More information?

Discover what the World of Work Happiness has in store with this free mind map (English and Dutch).