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Are you a leader who wants to give your personal leadership a boost?

Looking for someone who knows your world as a leader, with passion for people?

Let me be your sparring partner, to work together on your development, with a positive energy.

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Happiness at Work

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Curious about how Happiness at Work can work for your organization?

  There are different ways to give Happiness at Work attention within your department and / or organization!

Use Happiness at Work as inspiration

  and let the enthusiasm and happiness of your employees grow!

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Read my book: Leading with a smile

This book is about developing your leadership style. Leadership is not 'being the boss of others', it is mainly about knowing yourself well, working together and paying attention to others. So an activity!

'Leadership with a Smile' means: Leadership is fun, suits you, feels good, brings happiness and is appreciated by the people around you!

The tips in the book give you guidance about your own role and strengthen the impact you have on others as a manager.

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I'm Alex Slavenburg and with Happimotion I advise, train and coach leaders in the development of their personal leadership, often with focused attention to Happiness at Work.

Leadership is a profession and my coaching is focused on self-insight and growth within a wide variety of coaching questions.


I also work with organizations that want to work actively with Happiness at Work as part of their business strategy.


I'm doing this based on my own experience. I have many years of experience as a senior manager, having been responsible for a variety of teams, small and large, in both the commercial and administrative fields, in the Netherlands and the United States.

With Happimotion I'm using this experience to guide people and achieve great results together with others!

Happimotion is part of a wide network of professionals, working together with various partners.

What customers say:

Happiness Works!

Heard this before? Employees and managers who aren't happy at work and organizations that are concerned about the engagement of their employees.


Meanwhile it is clear that focused attention for Happiness at Work is paying off. It has, undeniably, positive effects: more energy, higher engagement, happier leaders and employees, lower absenteeism and better business results.

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Want to know more about: Happiness at Work?

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